We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest concept in health and wellness plans.

Four Seasons Health Care Plan

The Four Seasons health care plan is an ongoing health plan that tackles the reason why most health plans fail: they are just no fun (and right now fun is something we could all use a little more of). 

We’ve designed a monthly plan that combines the best elements of two models: the monthly subscription box with the support and camaraderie of a membership community. 

Each month, a health challenge is combined with a monthly subscription box to support that health challenge and is delivered directly to you (or picked up at our clinic). 

In the subscription box, you’ll find:

  •  the directions for the month’s challenge,
  •  the 5 most recommended supplements that our naturopathic doctors pretty much recommend for everybody, 
  • a few surprises that will help support the monthly challenge. 
  • Access to our Four Seasons private Facebook group, where you can connect with other members to share in each month’s collection of livestreams, downloadable checklists and recipes, and for a community of support and encouragement to keep you on track for the long term.

You choose your level of participation, which may naturally fluctuate depending on the monthly theme.

Scroll right to the end of this blog to find the details and reserve your spot at the founders’ pricing, or keep reading to find out more on why we think this program is genius!

Here’s why we designed this program: 

Being healthy never gets easier. You just get better at it.  

For starters, we know that staying healthy is easier than getting healthy.  

What does that mean? That it takes more time, effort and money to treat chronic health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, obesity, acne, thyroid disease, Crohns, colitis, and cancer than it does to prevent them.

Not to mention the lost productivity and overall happiness that happens when someone experiences constant pain and discomfort.  

Many of our clients start off really well with their treatment plan and lifestyle recommendations. They are motivated and dedicated to getting better…

For about 3 months

However, as they start to feel better, they begin to let some things on their plan slip. 

A few old patterns start to resurface, maybe they run out of their supplements and forget to refill or don’t make the time to get the needed refills.

They often end up shopping for something similar elsewhere, which doesn’t quite do the same job, but they think it’s close enough.

Or they find themselves bored with their healthy eating plan and struggle to come up with appetizing and comforting meal choices. The question: “When can I go back to eating normal?” starts to creep in.  

Even when they know those “normal” foods make them feel bloated and gross.

And you know what?  None of this is their fault!

And the reason for this is because they need a plan!  Not just a 1 or 3 month plan, or a “come back if you need me” plan. 

People need a long-term plan to know what this whole healthy eating and vitamin-taking lifestyle looks like to stay on track.

When the motivation wanes, so does consistency. When we aren’t motivated or don’t fully understand and visualize the goal, it’s difficult to put time, energy, and money into continuing in a consistent manner.

Plus…people don’t know what they don’t know. 

They don’t know:

  • How much more energy they could have
  • Or how much lighter they could feel in their body
  • Or how much less pain they could experience
  • Or how much better their focus and productivity could be 

 So their efforts wane as they carry on for a few months, maybe even half a year or a year 

And then they wake up one morning with a flare-up of their old symptoms.

Or they go through a stressful time and let everything lapse.

or they find themselves saying “I need to get back on track with my eating and supplements”. 

Again…this is NOT THEIR FAULT.  

Unless they have a longer-term plan in place, it’s too easy to lose track and sight of the proactive health strategies once they’ve gotten to a place where they are feeling better. 

Because society is conditioned to believe that we only see a doctor when we are sick, not when we are feeling good and want to keep feeling good.  

Optimal health is not just being free from symptoms

Because when seemingly “healthy” people get really sick, it can indicate that there was more than meets the eye and things were brewing under the surface.    

So here’s what we have decided to do for our most precious clients. 

2021 marks the beginning of a new way of delivering health, here at True Potential Health Services.  

We have decided to get serious about keeping health fun!

And interesting, and sustainable over a long period of time –while taking out the guesswork for our clients! 

Because there are more than enough decisions to make throughout a day.  

We don’t want optimal health to be something that requires constant thought.  

And we don’t want optimal health to falter because it hasn’t been made a priority, even for simple things like refilling supplements or finding something new to eat.  

Plus, we know a few things that might be new because we make it our business to be proactive health enthusiasts.

And it’s our job to make sure to get the most updated and relevant information out on our channels to keep everyone informed, engaged, and liberated!  

Liberated from what, exactly?

From needing to look everywhere else to have your questions answered.  That’s what we are here for! 

At True Potential we have noticed that our most successful clients share these four main characteristics:

  • They stay consistent with their supplement and lifestyle plans over a sustained period of time 
  • They keep their quarterly appointments and reach out between appointments when health circumstances change (before or after travel, prior to taking a new medication or at the end of a course of medications, during cold and flu season, or heading into a stressful time)
  • They appreciate the research, superior quality, and proven efficacy shown for the professional products recommended by their naturopathic doctor. They understand the saying “you get what you pay for”.
  • They are busy people wearing many hats and are looking for ways to achieve a balance between work, family, and leisure without breaking the bank or leading too restrictive of a life. They understand and appreciate the 80/20 rule that we coach our clients in.  

We now provide a monthly subscription to automate your foundational proactive health strategies:

Four Seasons Membership Plan

Each month, we’ll be covering a health related topic in our private Facebook group. We’ll uncover the topic from all angles, including recommended supplements list, Live online workshops, and worksheets and downloadables to track your actionable items to complete the monthly challenge. 

Monthly challenges will centre around topics that will be delivered by an industry expert and will cover all areas of health, including bodycare, mindset, exercise, and many more.

Four Seasons Health Plan

What’s included each month: 

  • Receive a monthly supply of the top 5 superior quality professional supplements we recommend our patients take on an ongoing basis
  • Live workshop by an industry leader
  • Downloadable pdf, including topic related supplement list 
  • Worksheets to track your progress
  • 24/7 access to all Master Class content
  • Entry to our private FB group for ongoing support and inspiration
  • Meal plan and recipes to support your new lifestyle

Investment: 269.00 CAD + gst monthly subscription

Not ready to commit to the full program, but want the supplements auto-shipped each month? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at 306-373-5209 to set up our Top 5 Supplements Only subscription for 149 + gst (CAD).

Please note, due to Canadian regulations, these subscriptions are currently only available to True Potential clients. Not a client yet and live in the province of Saskatchewan? Book your initial consult by calling 306-373-5209 to see if this program is right for you!

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