Holly Blackburn

I was born in England and spent the first couple years of my life there before moving to Germany for 9 years. With my father being in the military, I was raised in an English-speaking community on an army base. Because of this I was very blessed with opportunity to travel – having seen almost all of Europe by age 11. It was always my parents dream to be posted to Canada, but the opportunity was never presented. When my father had completed his 22 years of service, he decided to bring us all to Canada.

When often asked why here? Why Saskatoon of all places? I simply respond – why not? Saskatoon made it very easy to adapt to life in Canada with everything it has to offer. Although I haven’t left the country much since I moved here, I do still enjoy travel and try and do at least 2 road trips a year. I love working at True Potential Health Services as it gives me the opportunity to interact with great people and make patient’s visits to our clinic, an enjoyable experience. When I am not smiling behind
my desk, you can find me out on adventures with my dog, Duck.

Hollly Blackburn