Are you approaching menopause and struggling with your hormones?

Are you concerned about your thyroid health?

Has it been a while since you’ve had a full physical exam but don’t have a family doctor?

Are you taking some medications and would like a healthcare professional to review your healthcare needs in case something needs to be updated or changed?

We might have a solution for you and your family.

Registered Nurse Malorie Peters, MN NP at True Potential Health

We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our team!

Malorie Peters, MN NP is a Registered Nurse with a focused masters education specializing in primary care practice. Malorie is passionate about holistic health care and brings an enormous amount of medical experience and knowledge to our team.

Why A Nurse Practitioner?

As we face increased demands on our healthcare system across the country/province, NP’s are playing a vital role in our communities.

How Can a Nurse Practitioner Help You?

  • Provide relief from long wait times and a shortage of doctors

  • Offer same-day access to care for acute reasons

  • Bridge the gap for many trying to access quality healthcare

  • Provide treatment and assessment options for women’s and men’s health

What Else Can a Nurse Practitioner Do for You?

  • Autonomously diagnose and treat illnesses (both chronic and acute)

  • Order and interpret tests (blood tests, ultrasound, mammogram, x-rays, CT)

  • Prescribe medications and refills

  • Perform medical procedures (lesion removal, suturing, PAP tests, IV treatments)

  • Provide consultations and referrals

Types of Visits

  • Adult Physical Exams 
  • Well Baby/Child Visits
  • Chronic Disease Management (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease)
  • Mental Health Care (anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders)
  • Women’s Health (hormonal therapy, pelvic pain, family planning/fertility, etc.)
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Care
  • Senior Support (life transition care and support for caregivers)
  • Common Conditions (thyroid disease, urinary incontinence, skin issues)
  • Sexual Health (contraception options and STI testing)
  • Minor or Acute Illness & Injury (UTI, respiratory illness)
  • Hormonal Health (men & women)
  • SGI Exams and WCB Forms Offered

Malorie will be joining our clinic in May. Please call the clinic to schedule with Malorie at 306-373-5209.