Emily Wiks

I have always been interested in living a natural and healthy lifestyle and I feel that residing on a farm contributes to this. I love that I am able to grow my own vegetables and have fresh eggs to eat because I believe that it is so important to keep what we put in our bodies clean and pure. This is why working at True Potential Health is such a great fit for me. One focus we have is on what we can be doing for our bodies to keep them at optimal health. I love working with the amazing women who practice in this office as I find the way they support each other and care for their patients so empowering.

I am currently studying Pre-Education at the University of Saskatchewan and hope to teach middle-school aged kids after graduating. I have a passion for showing children that learning can be fun and exciting while they are still at a moldable age.

In my spare time I enjoy getting lost in a good book, cooking and trying out new recipes, caring for the animals on my family’s farm, writing short stories and volunteering with kid’s groups and at summer camp. I have traveled twice to Ensenada, Mexico to volunteer in orphanages and drug rehabilitation centers and firmly believe in the power of caring for others with our actions.

Emily Wiks Saskatoon