MaryAnn Sorokan, Specialized Colon Hydrotherapist

In 1998 I obtained my certification in Reflexology. While practicing Reflexology I discovered many of my clients required improved bowel function for all around improved health and well-being. In order to ensure appropriate referrals, I researched different types of colon cleansing and noticed the best results from clients who went through a series of colon-hydrotherapy sessions; also referenced as “colonics”. My belief in colon-hydrotherapy was reaffirmed when I personally witnessed the progress made on a young student who was unable to focus or read at an appropriate level; and was medically diagnosed with ADD. After several colonic sessions this young student achieved his grade level of reading and comprehension within three months.

In researching the options in Saskatoon, I determined there was a need to increase the available services of colon-hydrotherapy. Subsequently, in 2004 I obtained my certification in Colon-Hydrotherapy from Prime Pacific Health Innovations, Vancouver, British Columbia and opened my first practice at Dad’s Nutrition Center in 2004.

While practicing at Dad’s Nutrition Center I realized the importance of educating my clients on the causes of limited bowel functions and was privileged to meet an experienced practitioner in optimum bowel function. As a result of this meeting I was taught how to read a bowel; thereby, being able to determine the difficulties of the bowel and apply appropriate treatment. (i.e. massage, specific probiotics, or change in diet). Once the bowel is functioning at a normal level, if required I can offer coffee enemas, wheat grass implants, parasite cleanses, and yeast treatments.

As of October 1, 2013 I am privileged to be joining the team at True Potential and am looking forward to providing my clients with my new services.

The ability to educate my clients and to offer the specified treatments is a unique service I provide.

A happy colon; A comfortable life.

Specialized Colon Hydrotherapist Saskatoon Mary Ann Sorokan