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Heart and Brain Health
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Executives and entrepreneurs need to be resilient to handle the uncertainty and unpredictability of ownership and leadership roles.  High performance is key.  Our programs target some of the most research supported and evidence based lab values that predict dementia and heart disease risk.  In other words, if you have a brain and a heart, and want them to be around for a long time, this is for you.

Who would be a good Candidate?

Do you have fatigue, brain fog, depression or anxiety?
Are you forgetting where you left an item, or struggling to remember why you entered a room?  Have you been struggling to find the right words or noticing mood changes.
Carrying extra weight around the waist, being “hangry” if you miss a meal, if your heart beats fast after eating a meal, or if you have had any signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, or have had trouble losing weight.
Anyone who wants to live a longer life.  Heart Disease and Dementia are the two disease processes that effect all of us in time.  By reducing the progression of these conditions you can take steps to ensuring you live a longer, happier and healthier life!

If you’ve already done an executive medical, and are looking for a plan on what to do with the results.

What Are We Looking For?

The health of your arteries and heart are the factors that determine your risk of heart disease and dementia.  You’ve heard that cholesterol is bad, but that’s not really the truth.  We need cholesterol—it’s a healthy resource for our hormones and energy—but when that cholesterol becomes “oxidized cholesterol” it turns from a fluid into a cement.  You don’t want cement in your arteries.

The presence of this “cement” is determined by a few things:

Your Overall Oxidative Status
Your “anti-oxidant” systems can help prevent  cholesterol from turning into cement.  We can measure this.
Your Overall Base-line Inflammation
Some people have more inflammation in their bodies than others, and when we’re inflamed, we’re more likely to have cement forming.
Your Type and Amount of Cholesterol
This one is a bit tricky… it’s like weighing all the dirt in a number of wheelbarrows versus counting the wheelbarrows themselves. We don’t just want to know the sum of LDL, but the number of particles that make up that sum.  This is not tested conventionally by your doctor.
Genetic Risk Factors
Your genetics matter.  Some people have a genetic marker (ApoE4) that increases their risk of being inflamed and even getting Alzheimer’s or heart issues early.  We test this.
Your Overall Metabolism
Too fast and your heart undergoes extra stress.  Too low and the heart can stiffen. Thyroid health is important for heart health, as it’s your primary metabolic controller.

What will we do about it?

Create an action plan to help you see results: improved energy, focus, and performance.
Focus on treatments that will make the most impact to you.
Target abnormal blood results
Tailor a treatment plan specifically for you, so that your time and effort are spent wisely.
We’re taking the information and ACTIONING it.




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