The Top 5 Supplements Plan

Supplements can be an important part of a proactive health strategy.

When we are healthy, it’s a great time to do those things that can help KEEP us healthy. Eating well, getting great sleep, and moving your body daily are all fundamental to ongoing well-being.

However, nowadays it can be tricky to get enough of certain vitamins and minerals from our food, even when we eat clean and high quality food. Especially if you’re living a fast paced and stressful life.

High quality supplements are important for several reasons:

  • they are often in a more absorbable form
  • they contain higher quality ingredients
  • they have better quality control

High quality brands can be found in many places these days. As a starting point, The Top 5 Supplements Plan is one example of professional quality supplements that can create a foundation for daily support.

Use the links below to order online and have them shipped directly to your door. Choose between making a one-time purchase or setting up autoship to automatically send a refill when your supplements are running low. Note: You will be directed to our online store where you will be prompted to set up a free Fullscript account in order to place your order – don’t worry this is super easy!

The Top 5 Supplements Plan contains the 5 most important professional quality supplements that create a foundation for daily support (these are the nutrients that are hard to get in our diets, even when we eat really well!)

This might be a good fit for you if you are looking to simplify and automate your supplement routine. There are more than enough decisions to make throughout a day and we don’t want optimal health to be something that requires constant thought.

Over the years, we have found that many of our clients start off really well with their treatment plan and lifestyle recommendations. They are motivated and dedicated to getting better… For about 3 months!

However, as they start to feel better, they begin to let some things on their plan slip. A few old patterns start to resurface, maybe they run out of their supplements and forget to refill or don’t make the time to get the needed refills. They often end up shopping for something similar elsewhere, which doesn’t quite do the same job, but they think it’s close enough.

At True Potential we have noticed that our most successful clients share these four main characteristics:

  • They stay consistent with their supplement and lifestyle plans over a sustained period of time.
  • They keep their quarterly appointments and reach out between appointments when health circumstances change (before or after travel, prior to taking a new medication or at the end of a course of medications, during cold and flu season, or heading into a stressful time).
  • They appreciate the research, superior quality, and proven efficacy shown for the professional products recommended by their naturopathic doctor. They understand the saying “you get what you pay for”.
  • They are busy people wearing many hats and have found ways to achieve a balance between work, family, and leisure without breaking the bank or leading too restrictive of a life.
Supplement Importance Highlights Why we love this one
Stellar C Helps with immune support, plus the healthy formation of collagen.

Your bones, skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels will thank you!

There are standardized amounts of three important bioflavonoids – which means you know exactly how much of these three you are getting in each capsule.  Contains a mixture of ascorbic acid and acerola fruit plus the broader spectrum support from quercitin, hesperidin and rutin (which helps with the absorption and protective effects of Vitamin C).
B-Supreme Supports energy, optimal mental health and feelings of well being, hormone health, metabolism and immunity. Stress, many medications, and the aging process may lower B vitamin levels. Without adequate B vitamins, many of the body’s chemical processes become slow and inefficient. Contains pre-activated forms of the B’s for maximum potential to support optimal health.
OmegAvail Hi-Po Helps promote healthy joints, immunity, skin and hair hydration, eye and heart health, as well as healthy moods, emotions, memory and brain function. Higher concentration of EPA and DHA to help impart health benefits faster in a balanced 1:1 ratio similar to the ratio found in seafood. Contains lipase, an enzyme that helps with digestion and absorption, to minimize the “fish burps” that sometimes happens with fish oils. They are in their natural form to also aid with digestion and absorption. Plus these oils are distilled and filtered to ensure purity and removal of heavy metals and other contaminants (which is a VERY IMPORTANT consideration when it comes to fish oils).
Magnesium Citrate SAP Helps with energy, bowel regularity, heart and kidney health as well as support for the muscles and nervous system.
Magnesium deficiency can contribute to symptoms such as migraines, PMS, menstrual cramps, muscle cramping, fibromyalgia, constipation, and insomnia.
Magnesium is a critical mineral for a so many processes in the body.
Although it is found in leafy green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, the fiber and phytate content of these makes it difficult for the body to absorb the magnesium from the foods.
This form of Mg is a great balance between helping to keep bowel movements soft and formed and easy to pass while helping to relieve other symptoms related to Mg deficiency.
Vitmin K2-D3 Vitamin K2 is crucial for the proper distribution of calcium into the bones(where you DO want calcium) and away from the blood vessels (where you DON’T want calcium!)

Vitamin D3 is known for its ability to increase calcium absorption from the gut and is needed for proper immune function, mood health, cardiovascular function, skin health.

These vitamins work together to support heart health, bone health, and immune function. This product combines the best of both worlds with Vitamin D3 and K2 working together.