//Cold and Coughing in Saskatoon: Need help with that flu bug?

Cold and Coughing in Saskatoon: Need help with that flu bug?

  • Jacqui Fleury Naturopathic Doctor

True Potential Clinic founder and naturopathic doctor Jacqui Fleury shares some ways to cope with the fatigue, congestion and cough that accompanies the nasty cold and flu bug going around in Saskatoon right now.

Cold and Flu Tips

I cannot believe how many people have this nasty cold and flu bug right now! It seems everywhere I turn someone is coughing or blowing their nose. This time of year we find ourselves in the perfect storm for developing these symptoms for a few reasons – first we’ve just come through the holiday season where we may have overindulged, under – slept and been under extra stress. We’ve been in close quarters all indulging from the same chip dip bowl and mixed nuts.

We also may have just come back from a hot holiday where not only have you had to adapt to rapidly changing climates from cold to hot back to cold again (this is a stress on your body even if you do have an awesome tan from your time on the beach!); you’ve also been on an airplane where the air is less than ideal and there may be the odd sneeze or cough happening as well. And… you may have indulged in the odd tropical drink or too.

All of these factors can put added stress on your immune system and make you less resistant to being able to fight off all the bugs hanging around in our environments.

Sometimes we think these bugs just need to run their course, but from what I’ve been seeing with how long this is dragging on for people, the more you can support your immune system and adrenals through the recovery process, the better people seem to feel.

Cold and Flu saskatoonIV Nutrient Therapy

As a way to help cope with the fatigue, cough and congestion that accompanies these bugs, we offer immune boosting and hydrating formulas that can help you feel better and improve your immune system’s ability to get ahead of these darn bugs. These formulas are given as an Intravenous drip, and while you rest and recuperate your body gets hydrated and supported with nutrients like Vitamin C, B vitamins, and some minerals that can help with the recovery process.


We also offer nebulized Glutathione which can help with the chest congestion and the chest pain that accompanies this cough. Glutathione is an antioxidant that is rapidly depleted in the body during intense periods of stress or infections among other things.

by Dr. Jacqui Fleury, ND

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You know how fatigued you can feel during and after you’ve recovered from a cold or flu? Well we can help you feel better sooner. Contact True Potential Health to schedule your IV or nebulized Glutathione and let us help perk you up! 306-373-5209

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