Would you like happy, healthy and energetic employees? Take advantage of 100 percent coverage for eligible private-sector employers from the Government of Saskatchewan’s Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy and strengthen your skilled workforce with the River of Health Skill Building Program.


Stress and anxiety levels continue to rise from ongoing uncertainty from the pandemic, economic, social and world uncertainty.

The River of Health program is a practical skill-building program designed to help employees manage fatigue, low moods, gas, bloating, food cravings, inactivity, anxiety, stress and worry.

This course is designed to help employees access the tools to support them on their path to mental and physical wellness and resiliency post COVID. It will help build more body awareness by learning about how stress manifests both emotionally and physically and will provide simple, effective and sustainable tools to implement immediately, including a 3 week clean eating meal plan.

Delivered online with online check-ins and 1-2 hours of in person content.


  1. Sleep Presentation & Meet the Instructor – 1.5 hrs
    A deep dive into the importance of sleep as well as tips on how to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake rested.
  2. Group Zoom Call – 3 calls for 30 min each
    This is the opportunity for participants to meet with the instructor to ask questions, share struggles and wins.


  1. Self Assessment & Goal Setting – 1 hour
    As you are beginning your journey of becoming healthier, happier and more energetic, you will want to start with some goal setting and getting to the heart of why you want to have better health.
  2. Digestion & Food – 1 hour
    You will learn some key information about how the health of your digestive tract can be connected to many other symptoms and health challenges you may be experiencing such as skin, circulation, joint, hormonal, breathing and immune challenges. You will be introduced to the concept of food sensitivity testing as one way to determine whether you may be experiencing a delayed hypersensitivity response to some foods you consume on a daily basis (includes a 3 week Anti-inflammatory cooking and meal plan).
  3. Gut Brain Connection – 1 hour
    Did you know that 90 percent of your “feel good” hormone is produced in your gut? There is a strong connection between the health of the bacteria (microbiome) in your gut and the health of your brain and nervous system. This is very relevant when it comes to striving to positively impact your moods and to help you find ways to address some root causes of anxiety and depression. We discuss how fiber feeds the good bacteria in your gut, and why this is important to your overall health.
  4. Hormone Health – 1 hour
    You will get an introduction to your hormones. You will learn about two really important hormones, insulin and cortisol. You will also learn what might be contributing to symptoms like mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, bloating, weight gain in the hips, menstrual changes, hot flashes, insomnia, low libido, and increased belly fat, low testosterone.
  5. Let’s Talk Dirty – 1 hour
    Learn simple and effective strategies on how to decrease your exposure to the chemicals in your personal care products and cleaning products, and those on your food.
  6. Let’s Get Moving – 1 hour
    It will come as no surprise to you that physical activity is good for you. In this module you are introduced to a subtle difference between movement and exercise. When it comes to positively impacting your mental health, there is some interesting science linking the benefits of physical activity to the health of not just your body but also your brain!



Fee is $5000 per workplace. The Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy reimburses eligible private-sector employees 100 per cent of employee training costs to develop a skilled workforce to support Saskatchewan’s post-pandemic economic recovery. For more information, employers can visit www.saskatchewan.ca/training-subsidy, call 306-964-1005 for Saskatoon and area or 306-787-4677 for Regina and area, or email cansaskjobgrant@gov.sk.ca.