My motto for years has been “nothing in a pill or a food replaces a good night’s sleep”.  There is so much research coming out these days on the importance of getting enough high quality sleep.

Three areas you might want to focus on if you’re not falling asleep, staying asleep and waking rested:

Our blood sugar might be too high when we fall asleep

One way to counter this is to have healthy fats at supper.

An example of this would be to add MCT oil to your food, which is food for your brain and it helps you burn fat as you sleep.

Add protein to you dinner to help with muscle repair and growth.  If you emphasize these two foods you will likely be eating fewer carbs at dinner and will help keep your blood sugar lower as you fall asleep.

Falling asleep when we start to feel sleepy can help keep us asleep all night.

We’re going to be wide awake after our second wind kicks in.

If we don’t fall asleep when you naturally feel tired, we could get your second wind which could keep you awake as late as 2 am because of the hormone cortisol which starts to rise rather than naturally fall when we go to sleep before 11 pm.

How to tell if Magnesium deficiency is keep you awake at night.

Magnesium (Mg) supports our sleep quality by regulating our sleepy hormone called melatonin. It also activates certain brain chemicals that calm our brain and body. We need to choose a form of Mg like Bisycinate because it more easily reaches the brain.

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