Your adrenal glands are one of the unsung heroes of your endocrine and nervous system.  In addition to mediating your stress response, they also secrete hormones that regulate your immune system, give you energy and focus, and help you maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

Signs That Adrenal Glands Are Out Of Balance

When your adrenal glands are out of balance, the following symptoms are common:

  • Low energy, especially on waking and mid-afternoon.  In extreme cases, it may be constant.
  • Brain fog or difficulty focusing.
  • Cravings for sweets or salt, especially mid-afternoon or before bed.
  • Low blood pressure and dizziness, especially when standing up.
  • Weakened immune system or signs of inflammation
  • Difficulty handling stress.
  • Low blood sugar (shakiness, irritability, if don’t eat frequently)

How Vitamin Shots Can Support Adrenal Function

Rest, stress management, healthy eating, and a consistent, good quality sleep are all important aspects of restoring your adrenal function.  But often it is difficult to implement or maintain these things if you are suffering from the above symptoms.

Our shot of the month is specifically to address this issue and help you feel back to yourself more quickly so you have the motivation and energy to take care of yourself and heal your adrenal glands.  The adrenal shot, when administered regularly, will help to restore your adrenal function. Most people report the following changes after receiving adrenal shots:

  • More even, balanced moods

  • Improved energy, focus, and motivation

  • Better sleep quality

  • Fewer cravings for unhealthy foods

  • A stronger immune system/less colds and illnesses

  • Less dizziness and signs of low blood sugar