When you talk about proactive what do you mean?

Think of your health like a river. Downstream you have a lot of congestion, pollution, stagnation, might be a little warm and smelly. 

If you have health symptoms like fatigue, acne/psoriasis, joint pain, gas, bloating, heartburn, brain fog, anxiety, headaches or migraines, low immunity to name only a few, you are downstream in the river of health.

Upstream the river is clean, cool and clear, it’s moving freely, we have great energy, great brain clarity, great digestion, and we can take on physical and emotional challenges with gusto. 

How do we get from downstream to upstream when we are talking about health?

First we have to do things to address the cause of why those symptoms are there in the first place, and a great place to start is with our gut health, which you’ve heard me talk about several times, as well as getting great sleep and eating foods that contribute to our gut health. In this phase we are reacting to the fact that you have these symptoms and you are wanting to get rid of them

Where do the Proactive Strategies fit in?

One aspect of our health is connected to all other aspects of our health. For example, 70 percent of your immune system is in your gut, and 90 percent of your serotonin (your feel good hormone) is produced in your gut. So just by focusing on your gut health alone you can positively impact your immune system and your emotional health. You are being proactive by doing things to stay strong and healthy rather than trying to fix the problem once it happens.  

What is the one thing viewers can do today to start being proactive with their health?

This is the most important take away here – if you are healthy, what can you do to stay healthy and vibrant and resilient?  This is crucial going forward as global healthcare is center stage.   

Focusing on those aspects of health that we have 100 percent control of – nutrition, how much sleep we get, how much sugar and alcohol we consume, how we move our bodies daily.  These are all things that everyone knows. But what they may not realize is that every positive change they make that they do EVERY DAY, whether it’s a 30 min walk or cutting out white sugar or taking a probiotic daily…Anything you do day after day becomes part of your proactive approach to health, and over time moves you up the river of health. This cannot be underemphasized.

Watch the video interview on Twitter with Global News Healthy Living where Dr. Jacqui Fleury discusses these proactive health strategies!