Look at this awesome photo of Dr. Jacqui and her two daughters! So cute!

The road from Naturopathic Doctor to entrepreneurship.

Dr. Jacqui was invited to speak on the topic of entrepreneurship. The road from Naturopathic Doctor to business owner was exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding and at time, difficult. Many professionals who set up their own shop will know what we’re talking about. 
It’s moments like these that make the road special.

Here’s the testimonial we received: 

“Thank you for inspiring our class with your path to entrepreneurship and your dedication to overall health and wellness. Your honesty, passion and practical insights were a most positive addition to our students’ learning journey.”

–Entrepreneurship 30 Teacher, Centennial Collegiate Institute

Dr. Jacqui has many topics she loves to speak on regarding health and wellness. Please get in touch if you’d like to book an event for your group.

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