This recipe for all natural sausage patties makes 12 patties. And is part of Dr Michelle Marcoux’s series What My Kids Eat – healthy recipes and meal planning from a naturopathic doctor mom!


½ lb ground turkey

½ pkge black bean spaghetti (about 100grams or so)

1 jar of pasta sauce with no added sugar (I use Simply Organic Naturals)

3 handfuls of spinach leaves

Optional: shredded cheddar or parmesan to top

Black bean spaghetti


Cook ground turkey in a skillet until cooked through and no longer pink.

While meat is cooking, heat pasta sauce in a pot until it starts to bubble.

Once the turkey is fully cooked, put it in a high speed blender with the spinach and pasta sauce and blend until smooth*.

Return to pot and keep warm while spaghetti is cooking.  Cook spaghetti as per package directions, strain, and top with sauce and cheese if desired.

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*My kids do not like chunks in their sauce, so I blend the meat in.  If you prefer a chunky meat sauce, you can just blend the spinach into the pasta sauce, pour it back into the pot, and then stir the meat in and keep warm.

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