Shot of the Month: B-Chill, when you are feeling tired but wired

This month’s featured shot is B-chill, which helps with feeling tired but wired: it’s a shot that helps with a bit of relaxation and stress management. Not to be confused with the Adrenal shot, that helps build you back up, the B-chill shot is good at managing tired-but-wired states.

How does the B-Chill shot help me if I feel tired-but-wired?

The shot contains the following nutrients:

  • Magnesium: Necessary for many reactions in the body, helps the body relax and feel calm.
  • Glycine: Supports mental function, can help with anxiety and building muscle.
  • Taurine: Can help with symptoms of anxiety and depression, helps promote proper energy balance.
  • B-100: A full-spectrum B-vitamin. B-vitamins help maintain healthy nervous system and energy production.
  • B12: One of the harder b-vitamins to actually acquire and absorb, B12 can be stored in the body. A little extra to help reserves can help with sleep, anxiety, and energy.

Why should I take this shot for feeling tired but wired instead of a supplement?

Simply put – it bypasses the gut, and having to worry about absorption. Some of the mentioned nutrients absorb well, and others are a bit more tricky. The shot allow us to guarantee delivery, which ensures you’re getting the benefits.

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