By: Kahlen Pihowich

Here we are, moving from Spring into Summer and what better time?  Summer in Saskatchewan is an amazing time to be outside and doing the things we can’t do for most of the year!  Running, Biking, Swimming, Taking in Sun, Gardening, Slack-lining, Working in our Yards… I relish in the things to do in Summertime.  Let’s get the most out of this summer and use it as a period of growth and health!  It’s important to note that with the change in the season also changes the body’s needs for nutrition.   

Do I need to take Vitamin D3 in the summer? 

If you’re outside for 10-30 minutes per day, in mid-day sun, you’re doing just fine on Vitamin D3 maintenance.  Keep in mind that sunscreen can impair Vitamin D3 production.  Also, if you’ve tested low and are trying to increase your levels it may still be useful to supplement, otherwise take a break and get some sun!  The more skin you have showing, the better ; but modest can be an important practice as well ;)

How to get more Antioxidants: Why are Antioxidants important in the summer? 

On the note of sun exposure, one must be careful to take care of their skin!  Sunburns are common, and there’s a fine line between building a tan and getting a mild burn.  Antioxidants can help mitigate the free-radical damage from UV(A) and UV(B) light, and there’s some good evidence that polyphenols (from green tea, chocolate, grapeseeds and wine)  can measurably improve outcomes. 1  Having more of these foods, or cooking with fresh garlic, and taking some extra Vitamin C around periods of sun exposure can likely make a difference in the amount of damage your skin takes from the sun and help turn that burn into tan!

Consuming Minerals and Electrolytes are very important when you are sweating and in the summer 

Minerals are a very general term. When it comes to sweating in the summer heat we typically think about our electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, maybe Magnesium and Chloride.  Turns out, however, that we lose a lot of minerals when we sweat:  Iodine, Chromium, Zinc and more can be lost to sweating. A general Multi-mineral might not be a bad idea for summer-time, maybe with larger quantities of Magnesium, Potassium, and potentially Sodium (if you eat a lower-salt diet).  These are all needed to keep your body functioning well, and work alongside hydration to keep you feeling good.

How to stay healthy in the summer time

There are certainly more things that can help in the summertime, but these are some of the bigger ones. Stay healthy and active this summer and, most of all, enjoy yourself.  If you do feel yourself quite low, pop in for an IV – our formulas are good for everything from rehydration to antioxidant support!

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