Saskatoon Naturopathic Doctor Jacqui Fleury shares the inspiration for her new book:

Master Your Moods – A Practical Guide to a Happier Brain

As many of you may be aware, I am in the early stages of launching my very first book. Well, it’s technically my second book, as the first one went with a laptop that got stolen.  Lesson learned…. Everything is now backed up into the clouds.

In an age of information, if we want to know the answer to something, we can typically find not just one answer but many answers to whatever question we are asking.  And when it comes to health- related issues, Dr. Google is ready and waiting to dispense all sorts of medical diagnoses, treatments and prognoses.

A Practical Guide To Help You Stay On Track

New patients come into my office on occasion with a shopping bag full of supplements they have purchased after reading something in a book or online or talking to someone at a health food store.  And although there is no doubt that a person can theoretically benefit from each one of those supplements, usually the reason the person is seeing me in the first place is in spite of taking all the supplements in that shopping bag, they still aren’t feeling good.   Or they purchased the supplements thinking they were a good idea, only to get take them for a week or two before becoming overwhelmed by the complicated regime, and now their cupboard is full of half used bottles of supplements that they don’t even remember what they were for.

Being a Naturopathic Doctor is a little like being a detective.

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When someone presents with a health concern and they have already tried many things and nothing has worked, this can pose a challenge.  However, I discovered something over many years of practice and many hours of continuing education, personal growth and learning and staying current with new innovation and research in the field of integrated medicine.

And what I discovered is this: the same recommendations and treatments I used in the early years of my practice are the same basic recommendations I still make today. And I continue to see the same positive results and high levels of success today as I did many years ago.  So how can this be you might ask… especially with all the technological and biological advances over the past 25 years. The answer is simple.

When you treat the cause of the disease or the symptom, the symptom typically resolves.

A Few Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Based on my work with clients, there are a few fundamental changes that have the largest impact and return on investment when it comes to seeing positive health results.  And this is when the light bulb went on for me.

Why don’t I write about these results from my experience, and share these fundamental concepts in a way that I could reach many more people than I ever could from clinical practice?

There was a catch though.  I knew that people are struggling with overwhelm in most aspects of their lives.  If my message and plan was to be effective, it would have to be simple and sustainable.  I learned this from many years of coaching clients. Give them too much to do or change at once and it was a recipe for failure.

A Practical Guide for Positive Health Results

And that’s why my book, Master Your Moods – A Practical Guide to a Happier Brain, is a practical guide that is:

  • Short and sweet.
  • Informative yet to the point.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Thin and portable

You can carry my book around for quick reference to remind you of a concept or when you need your shopping list, and you can complete it in a few hours.

Dr Jacqui Fleury ND Saskatoon Naturopathic DoctorIf you’ve been a client of mine over the years, you will relate to the content. It will be information you’ve heard from me before.  And it will be confirmation for you that you’re on the right track if you’re feeling at the top of your health game. If you’ve fallen off the track with your health goals, this might be just the guide to help get you back on track.  And if you’re not a client, then this is a super opportunity to jump start you on the path to more energy, focus and vitality.

I’m excited to share it with you.   And perhaps you’ll be excited to share it with your loved ones during the holiday season.


Jacqui Fleury, ND

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