How are your bowels working?

Belly bloat and lethargy… post-holidays, we may find ourselves laying on the couch. We might be feeling blah because our bowels are not working well. There are many terms for this phenomenon. I like to refer to it as – the food hangover.

The Food Hangover

What causes this feeling?

For some people, even just a small quantity of sugary, spicy, caffeinated, or processed foods will upset their digestion. Or perhaps you are one of those who chose “healthy” options, but simply ate too much, leaving the belly in a distended malaise.

Our bowels are filled with microbes (some good some not so good). They are sensitive to every forkful. Are they having a party that’s throwing you off balance?

Belly Bloat and Lethargy – Solutions

Do you need a reset? Please consider the following suggestions:

  • Visit a skilled Colon Hydrotherapist – your gut will thank you! Warm sterile filtered water is used to gently flush out any material that has built up in the large intestine (colon). This helps your body release waste matter, toxins, and trapped gasses. The hydrotherapist will provide you with important nutrition and digestive information.
  • Get active. Slip in exercise throughout the day – jumping jacks in the morning, march in place during TV commercial breaks, calve raises when brushing your teeth, etc. Have fun!
  • Eat mindfully. Let’s chew slowly and place the fork down between bites. Undigested pieces of food do not belong in our feces. Let’s appreciate the colours and smells of our food, and fill our plate with high quality veggies.
  • Mary Ann-150Check-in with a Naturopathic Doctor or other health care practitioner.

I wish you the happiest and healthiest of springs, and look forward to your digestive success story!

Call us today to book your appointment and reset your bowels.

To your good colon health,

MaryAnn Sorokan, Specialized Colon Hydrotherapist