Dr Jacqui Fleury, ND and Dr Kahlen Pihowich, ND talk about food sensitivity testing and how it’s evolved over they years – the reports you receive are like a roadmap. They also touch on elimination diets and the difference between allergy and a sensitivity.

Food Sensitivity Testing – A Controversial Topic?

There’s controversy around food sensitivity testing, and the role of IgG in allergy and inflammation. Nobody can seem to agree on the function of IgG in inflammation or allergy, and the research around it is inconclusive at best. The naturopathic doctors define the differences between IgE and IgG.

What are IgG Reactions?

Some argue that IgG reactions aren’t an allergy, and may even be protective against allergy. Others argue that, despite this, there is still a lot of inflammatory recruitment when IgG is present in large amounts.

There is a growing body of literature showing benefit to food sensitivity (IgG) testing in a variety of conditions, but do we really know how it works?

The one thing we do know is that we see a lot of cases benefit from food sensitivity testing in our office.

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