Dr. Marcoux’s Stress Cleanse — Part 1


Stress – we all have it, but are you aware of how it affects you? Do you have good strategies in place to manage it? You might be surprised to learn how stress underlies many common health concerns, such as poor sleep, fatigue, fogginess, headaches, hormone imbalances, and digestive issues.

There are many small, simple things we can do to both reduce the stress in our lives and learn to cope differently with the stress we can’t get rid of.

5 Week Stress Cleanse Challenge

I invite you to join me for a five week stress cleanse. It’s very simple – each week I will be releasing a new video with a technique for managing stress. Tune in and try it out, and then practice it for the week.

My intention in sharing this is to provide people with some tools to both decrease their stress and increase their ability to relax and enjoy their lives. It’s simpler than you might imagine and it starts with becoming more aware of the stress in your life. Tune in to Part 1 of my Stress Cleanse series below to learn about how stress affects your body and a simple tool you can use to increase your awareness of the role it is playing in your life.

by Michelle Marcoux, ND