Dr. Marcoux’s Stress Cleanse — Part 4

Welcome back to part 4 of my STRESS DETOX CHALLENGE! How are you feeling? Did you try out some of the techniques from part 3? I hope by now you are noticing some positive changes in your mood and energy as these techniques and tools become a regular part of your daily routine.

One of the challenges of managing stress is making room for things that are relaxing when you already have a full schedule to tackle each day. My goal with part 3 was to introduce some small but very effective ways that you can bring more fun and relaxation into your day, no matter how much you have going on.

For part 4, we will be exploring a breathing technique that I have grown to love for its ability to create an immediate relaxation response in my body. It is very easy to do, it only takes a few minutes, and it can be used anytime you are feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Check out the video below for complete instructions and I will see you next week for part 5!

by Michelle Marcoux, ND