Lane Britnell shows Doctor Jaqui Fleury, ND how to add some simple strength training to her every-day walking routine by introducing the 3-part kettlebell carry. For more information about kettlebell training, check out our first blog post and video with Dr Fleury, ND and Lane, “Kettlebell Training for Strength and Flexibility.”

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kettlebell training saskatoonLane Britnell is a Strength Coach at Freedom Fitness in Saskatoon, SK, who is passionate about strength training with the kettlebell as a primary tool. The kettlebell is an incredibly versatile fitness tool, as it can be used in many ways, and with many styles of fitness.

This video demonstrates some of the kettlebells versatility, as it can be carried in 3 different ways that each allow for distinct combinations of core activation and shoulder strengthening. This technique is dead simple, but a great way to introduce some fundamental principles of strength into a simple regime.

Lane’s typical coaching involves what’s called “Hardstyle” kettlebell, which, in practice, combines hard and vigorous exercise, like the kettlebell swing, with slow and controlled technical movements, like the turkish getup. The kettlebell can be a very punishing tool if used improperly, so it is strongly advised to have a coach when beginning to ensure proper form that both improves the workout efficiency and prevents injury.

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Lane offers kettlebell classes and personal training. Visit Lane’s instagram (lane.britnell) or visit him at Freedom Fitness to learn more!