meal prepHappy New Year! We are well into January now – a good time to get some support to help keep new years resolutions.

If you are a user of social media, now is the time where you will see advertisements for products boasting that they will help you “lose weight” or “drop 15 pounds in 2 days”. If you happen to have these popping up all over your timelines, take a moment to read the comments and reviews and you will often see that the results of these products are not as glamorous as they make out to be. We put so much pressure on ourselves to make these great changes starting January 1st and then are disappointed when we fail to stick with them. You may have heard the quote “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Our Administrative Assistant Holly Blackburn shares her secret to keeping her new year resolution to eat healthier:

Meal Prep Helps You Stay on Track

Meal prepping is a great way to ensure that you stay on track every day of the week, yet only having to think about it one day of the week. You can do this for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or simply just start by challenging yourself to prep one meal a day ahead of time. For example, start with lunch.

Meal Prep Tips

  • First, pick your meal prep day. I prefer to meal prep on a Sunday, same day I complete the rest of my household chores like laundry and cleaning etc.
  • Choose a meal that you know you will enjoy everyday without getting sick of it and choose something that will taste as fresh Friday lunchtime as it was Monday lunchtime.

Meal Prep Saves Time

In choosing to prepare meals on one day of the week, you have now freed up time everyday for the following week that you would have otherwise spent thinking about and then making a lunch for the next day, or for some, not having time at all and having to resort to a quick drive through visit for lunch.

Meal Prep Saves Money

Preparing homemade meals saves money because you’re not buying prepackaged food or eating take-out everyday.

Setting small challenges for yourself can make the whole New Years resolution thing a lot less overwhelming and preparing your meals will set you up for more success in your goals to be a healthier, happier you!

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