If you’re like most Canadians, your first week of isolating probably included at least a couple of these things:

  • an increase of anxiety
  • a reduction of exercise
  • stress eating
  • Netflix and snack binging
  • earlier than usual cocktail hours
  • and binge baking –we’ve seen your posts on Facebook!

These uncertain times that can unhinge even the most disciplined of us. We get it.

And since we have more time on our hands than normal…

We decided a group 10 Day Cleanse and Energy Reboot was in order.

Feel more energy, get better sleep, boost your brain function (RE: MOOD), improve your skin health and boosted immunity can be greatly improved through better diet. We are what we eat!

You may be sensitive to foods you consume on a regular basis which can cause gas, bloating, diarrhea/constipation, allergy symptoms, brain fog, fatigue, acne, or weight gain. If this resonates with you. Jump into our Facebook Group where Jacqui will be giving some tips and guide us through our detox together. Her first Live will be Monday, March 30, at noon.

Or, jump in and sign up now!  It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Call our clinic to reserve your spot – our client service specialists will book your brief 15 min consult with one of our docs to get you set up on the program
  2. You will receive a call a few days later to pick up your detox kit and will be emailed the instructions on how to complete the cleanse in the comfort of your own home, cost for the products and the consult is $295 + GST. There is a free version that includes just the meal plan also available. The addition of the products will help speed up the detox process.
  3. You will be invited into our Facebook Group where you will have virtual opportunities through Facebook Live to have general questions answered as you go through the 10 day process. Start date is scheduled for Thursday, April 2.

Voila! It’s just that easy. Isn’t now just the perfect time to hit the restart button on your health?  Sign up in the next two days to reserve your spot.

This challenge is good for people living in Saskatoon who can do curb side pick up for the product, for people who live outside Saskatoon or would prefer the products shipped. Or anyone who wants to do the free version with just the meal plan.

Did you miss Jacqui’s Live today in the Facebook Group? No worries, it’s recorded and pinned to the top of the Group.

Download the Meal Plan here.

Download the Meal Plan+ here.

Book your detox: 306-373-5209