Amidst this COVID-19 cautionary period, we’re very happy to see people practicing social distancing and isolation for unnecessary services.

True Potential Health clinic is open during covid-19

This letter is to let you know that, for our patients who need continuing care, we’re still open in a reduced capacity to serve you.

The reduced capacity allows us to prioritize sanitation and social distancing procedure, so we’re sorry if we can’t get you in as quickly as you’d like.

Just so you know, we’re still hard at work, so things will resume as normal with your appointment unless we let you know otherwise.

Do not be surprised if we call you to move your appointment time, or change your appointment to a phone consult as the need arises, in order to maximize safe operating condition and reduce the risk of exposure.

Here are some of the Covid-19 precautions we’re implementing to protect our community:

  1. Half-capacity patient load reduces the number of people in the clinic at any time.
  2. More time between patient visits means more time to practice more thorough sanitization procedures and means less waiting room traffic and time.
  3. Phone or tele-medicine consults wherever possible to reduce physical presence.
  4. Reduced clinic hours, and pre-arranged supplement pickups to decrease front-desk traffic.
  5. More drastic limitations as the need arises.

The next time you’re in, you may notice our clinic is awfully empty, and that’s the point!

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