During the holiday season, cocktails tend to flow a little more than usual. We offer a different kind of “cocktail” that can leave you feeling better, not worse, the more you indulge. We’re talking about the Myers Cocktail, an IV treatment originally designed by Dr. Myers many years ago.

What’s in a Myers Cocktail?

  • Vitamin C

  • A complex of B-vitamins

  • Calcium

  • Magnesium

  • Selenium

  • Zinc

A Myers Cocktail delivers these nutrients by IV instead of by mouth.

This allows for delivery of nutrients in greater amounts than would be able to be absorbed by the gut, and over shorter periods of time.

In spite of eating well and taking your vitamins, you might still be feeling low in energy, or that colds and flus are lingering longer than you’d like. When we do an IV, we find that many people feel better and have more energy.  Because the IV bypasses the digestive tract, this can give us an indication of how well someone is absorbing nutrition from their food and supplements.

Who can benefit most from Myers Cocktails?

  • Anyone getting ready to travel or just getting back from travel – a Myers Cocktail can help buffer the stress effects of travel

  • Anyone feeling low energy in spite of eating well and taking their supplements

  • Athletes wanting help with recovery

  • Those with a history of colitis, Crohn’s disease or celiac disease – these conditions generally involve digestive tracts that don’t absorb nutrients well

  • Those with certain forms of cancer

The Myers Cocktail is just one of several kinds of IV’s available to deliver vitamins to our bodies without needing to absorb them through our digestive tracts. Learn more about our other IV therapies.