At the beginning of the month, Dr. Fleury had the chance to take her gut health product, The Sludge, to the CHFA trade show, Canada’s largest tradeshow and conference for natural, organic and wellness products.

After having some time to reflect, Dr. Fleury sat down to record her biggest takeaways from the event. Keep reading below where Dr. Fleury shares, in her own words, what she learned, heard, and observed over the course of the weekend. If you haven’t checked out Dr. Fleury’s latest global interview, watch below where she discusses some of the latest trends and changes in the wellness industry.

What I learned from thousands of people…

I had the distinct privilege of being among thousands of other health industry retailers, distributors and professionals showcasing their products and unique ways of expressing their passion for health and wellbeing at the Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show in Vancouver. I was there to introduce the Sludge to the west coast and beyond, but most importantly I was there to listen, learn and observe.

Here is what I heard:

People love the idea of transformational change. Wellness and success in companies and businesses seems to be linked to purpose.  Companies that implement purpose as a core driver of strategy and decision-making reported “greater ability to drive successful innovation and transformational change.”

Here is what I learned:

It is getting easier to do and feel better. There is so much innovation happening with our food when it comes to eating a more plant based diet. Everything from plant based cheeses to “chicken wings” is emerging as a convenient way to eat more “plants”.

There is more emphasis on healthy ingredients in food products, whether it is pepperoni sticks to butter or  body care products to lower the amount of chemicals and harmful ingredients that we eat or rub on our bodies.

Healthy digestion is a hot topic in everything from foods to supplements where fiber and probiotics and are being added to foods and drinks.

Even right down to emerging technologies of turning carbon dioxide and oxygen into meat. And whether or not you agree with this movement, it speaks to innovation which could help serve a world where hunger still persists.

CHFA NOW wellness trade show

Here is what I observed:

Thousands of people happy and connecting and passionate about wellness who were all wanting to make a difference in the well being of others with their food and supplement products. I saw so much creativity in the creation of recipes and formulas, packaging and messaging and branding.

My observation over the years is that when we feel better, its easier to do better. And with all the products and technologies, its now becoming easier to feel better.

And the takeaway message around health and sustainability for me is that every little healthy choice we make for ourselves not only helps us as individuals to feel better and happier, but the ripple effect happens in our relationships, our families, our communities and our world. And we can never have too much good news in our world.