Dr. Fleury returned from the Canadian Health Food Association’s trade show in Vancouver and caught up with Chantel Wagner at Global TV. 

Over the weekend, The Sludge made its debut on a larger stage, and Dr. Fleury had the chance to connect with likeminded creators and wellness industry professionals. 

Coming away from the weekend feeling inspired, Dr. Fleury shared her major takeaway from the event – It’s never been easier to be healthy! The range of products, foods, and information that are available means that, for many of us, making healthier choices is more accessible and convenient, even for those of us following a plant-based, paleo, keto, or other special diet. 

Watch the full interview to hear more about the trending topics at the trade show, and watch until the end for Dr. Fleury’s top tip for making positive changes towards better health.

More About The Sludge

The Sludge evolved from a combination of products that Dr. Fleury started using at the clinic over 20 years ago for gut health. The name originates from having customers affectionately refer to the mixture as “the sludge” when it is added to water.

With convenience in mind, it was designed as a simple, one-step habit that could be easily added into your daily routine to help you feel better!

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