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Purchasing Supplements Online Can Be Risky

A friend of mine recently committed to starting his day with Bulletproof coffee… a decision I would have encouraged had he purchased his Brain Octane from a reputable distributor.

Due to him not being able to access our clinic for this purchase, he made the decision to purchase the product online. This has become the norm in today’s society – competitive pricing and convenience – delivered to your door, sometimes within only a day or two.

He stored the Brain Octane in his fridge (no, this isn’t necessary) and the product inside the Bulletproof container solidified. Hmm. I found this quite strange. When I got home, I too put my Brain Octane bottle into the fridge. The bottle that I purchased from True Potential Health remained in its original liquid state.

In today’s blog post, Tamara reminds everyone to be careful after her friend had a bad experience shopping for supplements online.

How could that be? Upon further investigation of his bottle, I noted a new UPC code sticker placed on his container. This is something I have never seen ordering the clinic’s product directly from Bulletproof. The result, I would guess, would be that he purchased a counterfeit product. Now he is left questioning the contents and wishing he purchased it through our clinic to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

Risks of Purchasing Supplements Online

According to businessinsider.com, a new report has found that five major online retailers — including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay —sold fake products that can be harmful to your health.

Of 47 products investigators bought, 20 were counterfeit. That is almost 50%!

Not only do consumers risk being duped, they are being exposed to potentially dangerous materials. The report claimed that counterfeit iPhone adapters can pose a risk of lethal electrocution, counterfeit travel mugs can include higher lead concentrations, and counterfeit cosmetics contain substances such as cyanide, mercury, and rat droppings.  What could possibly have been in that bottle in his fridge? This isn’t something one can risk consuming.

When purchasing products, please be safe.  Saving a few dollars is not worth the risk of potentially consuming harmful material.  Be safe. You are worth it!

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