Can you believe it’s already July?

You’re probably out enjoying this incredible summer weather …so we’ll be brief.

We are open for telephone, video, and in-person consults

We are fully open, and we’ve re-organized to offer you our full range of services while keeping the safety of our clients and our team a top priority.

Telemedicine continues to be a convenient and safe way for you to have your consults with Dr. Fleury, Dr. Marcoux, and Dr. Pihowich. You get to see us from the comfort of your home or office which can save you precious commute and wait times. We have a few in-person clinic days set aside for you to get a shot or to see us in person, so both options exist, but phone consults, or if you have the technology to do virtual consults (a webcam in your laptop or video on your phone) are great ways for us to be most efficient with your time while keeping the in-person contact to a minimum until we see how things go over the next few months!

Please note that Naturopathic doctors can not provide consultation by email and email communication is not intended to replace a consultation or provide a diagnosis. Just as with any communication between you and your health care provider, email messages become part of your medical record. Emails for scheduling appointments (whether by phone, videoconference or in-person) and ordering dispensary products are welcome and encouraged.

In-Clinic Updates

MaryAnn is in full swing with her colon hydrotherapy and is ensuring additional sanitization of her treatment room, bathroom and treatment table which is above her already high degree of sanitization of her machine and treatment room before and after each client.

Carrianne is busy doing her laser facials and after completing a recent Infection Control course has implemented top industry sanitation protocols for her clients.

Our IV department is hopping with Vitamin C, NAD and Myers Cocktails. We are noticing a real peak in interest in doing these immune supportive therapies and applaud all of you who are taking proactive steps to increase your resistance to infections. Studies are confirming the benefits to these therapies, not to mention the added bonus of more energy, better recovery and improved hydration to name a few (check out our YouTube videos to learn more about our IV’s).

We’ve added an Online Learning Platform

If it’s been a while since you visited our website, check out our new online learning platform where you can enroll in a three week clean eating program to hit the reset button on your diet if you’ve been off track lately. We call this our 3-week Anti-Inflammatory Plan, because clean eating can help lower the overall inflammation in your body, contributing to better energy, less chronic pain, clearer skin, and a happier brain!

New Fee Schedule starts August 1

We also have our new fee schedule posted on the website, as well as our blog posts, videos and services to keep you inspired, informed and connected with us.

One last thing – if you don’t have your next follow up appointment booked, we wanted to plant a reminder seed for you to book that appointment so you can cross that off your “to do” list and get out to enjoy the weather. We look forward to seeing you (or your name in our schedule for the fall) in the next few weeks! Our schedules are filling up and cold and flu season is just around the corner. Just saying….

See you soon!

Jacqui Fleury, ND

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